Schwartz, Bryan and Daniel Grice, "Establishing a Legal Framework for E-voting in Canada." (Elections Canada, 2013)

This paper was written by Dr. Bryan Schwartz and myself and published by Elections Canada in 2013. Our goal in drafting this paper was not to recommend internet voting or make a conclusion on the risks but rather to make recommendations about what legal framework and regulations should be in place prior to introducing e-voting in order to mitigate the risks.

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Schwartz, Bryan and Daniel Grice, "Social Incrimination:
How North American Courts are Embracing Social Network Evidence in Criminal and Civil Trials" (Manitoba Law Journal, 2012)

Dr. Bryan Schwartz and I prepared this paper originally in 2011, where a slightly longer paper was presented to Manitoba's Crown Defence Conference. This modified version was published in 2012 in the Manitoba Law Journal (36 Man. L.J. 221). While the law is constantly evolving and recent developments should be taken into account, this piece provides a broad survey of how various evidence was being used and some of the issues courts in Canada and the U.S considered.

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