Legal Services

Business Legal Services
Are you looking to start a new business or a non-profit organization? Or have an existing business and looking for ongoing legal guidance?

I can help you plan your legal strategy with corporate legal services, or draft documents for your organization.

Common corporate legal services:

1) Help incorporate a business;
2) Launch a Community Contributed Companies;
3) Assist with business purchase or sale;
4) Review business financing;
5) Succession planning;
6) Prepare and draft employment, non-compete, sales or service contracts; and
7) Assist with Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credits.

Personal Legal Services

I work with individuals in the areas of property transactions, wealth and legacy management, and estate and trust administration.

Common personal legal services:

1) Buying and selling a home;
2) Drafting a will or trust agreement;
3) Preparing power of attorneys, representation agreements, and advanced directives;
4) Assisting the executor of an estate in passing probate;
5) Challenging wills and estate divisions;
6) Tax planning and classification disputes; and
7) Common law or pre-marital asset agreements.